Julia Margaret Cameron was a British photographer who became known for her portraits of celebrities of the time.

She took up photography at the relatively late age of 48, when she was given a camera as a present.

Cameron’s photographic career was short, spanning eleven years of her life (1864–1875).

Although her style was not widely appreciated in her own day, her work has had an impact on modern photographers, especially her closely cropped portraits.

Description of above photos from top: (the first photo is my favourite!)

1. The Parting of Lancelot and Guinevere: In 1874 Tennyson asked Cameron to make photographic illustrations for a new edition of his Idylls of the Kings. Cameron willingly accepted the assignment. Costuming family and friends

2. King Lear Alotting His Kingdom to His Three Daughters: The three Liddell sisters Lorina, Elizabeth, and Alice posed with the photographers husband playing the tragically deceived King Lear in one of Camerons few Shakespearean compositions

3. The Mountain Nymph Sweet Liberty June 1866: Julia Margaret Cameron was one of the greatest portraitists in the history of photography

4. Sappho: Mary Hillier, a beautiful young house servant at Cameron’s home was often pressed into photographic service, frequently in the role of the Virgin Mary. She managed to assume her various guises in a remarkably unselfconscious way

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